The teacher put me on clarinet. George, you have a bass trombone method that was put out several years ago. My parents were really proud of me (tongue-in-cheek) for making money with my trombone! He plays technically fantastic but he also is one of the greatest interpreters that I've ever heard in my life. Urbie Green, Gene Mulluns, and myself. George Mortimer Roberts was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on March 22 1928, and first became fascinated with the trombone while watching his brother perform in the high school band. This way, you get a great sound before moving onto anything else. I could smell the slide oil already. I thought, hey, this is really great! Eddie Cusby: sound player. When you hear one of the bass trombone things or bass trombone with that harmon mute and flute, people immediately recognize that as Nelson Riddle. Playing in the staff for two straight hours ­ that¹s a real workout! I have some very strong, intimate memories of playing this music and I can really get a good feeling from these recordings. The more of yourself that you dedicate to making beautiful music, the better you will play and the more enjoyment you will get out of it. It should be a trombone. His unique abilities were soon recognized by legendary arranger Nelson Riddle, himself a trombonist. shipping: + $4.00 shipping . Well, it is a trombone! Well, it¹s that same group of people I just mentioned. That¹s the fastest way to explain why you need to take a big gut full of air. By playing long tones and slurs! I remember once telling Nelson that bass trombone is the best melody horn in the world and he said, you must have the heart of an elephant! The bass trombonist had gotten up and walked out on Helfer and Igor Stravinsky. George Roberts, in the '50's early 60's Really, it did. There¹s a sort of escalation in trombone size going on ­ they keep getting bigger and bigger. Dad said, George, I saw that trombone and I wouldn't give a nickel for it. || It wasn¹t my egotism that caused the Roberts Model Olds. I thanked Nelson for the compliment and repeated that bass trombone really is the best melody horn in the world. That Doug would have a family and a life, like every normal human being could have. Everybody else does, why not bass trombone? That set into me like you wouldn¹t believe. George Roberts. Free shipping . When the lead player changed, I¹d go right along with him. When I pick up a double trigger, I fall over on my side. We only had two at the beginning. Music Minus One Trombone, Tuba or Bass Trombone: Big Band Ballads by George Roberts (1998-01-01) | | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. There again, is that thing about long tones and slurs. There was a time, when I first went out to LA's one of the big contractors who did most of the hiring, he worked for Bobby Helfer. Lighter, singingŠthat type of a thing. You kind of feel, in your chair, that something is about to happen. I thought Lee would just be in a back room fiddling with electronics. It didn¹t really hit me because it happened so fast. There isn¹t much chance of moving from one band to another like there used to be. I walked in the door and there¹s the LA Philharmonic sitting there. All of a sudden, things started changing. What I¹ve seen happening is that composers and arrangers are attempting to make the music meet the technical capabilities of the instrument and it simply means that they are plugging more (low) B naturals into the music. My new Kanstul is very light and responsive. Roberts began recording with Riddle, Don Costa, Billy May, Axel Stordahl, Gordon Jenkins, and Henry Mancini in sessions with Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Sarah Vaughan, and Nat King Cole. Not smart to do but we¹ve been doing that for years. It was about 8:30 in the morning and I get this phone call, and this is how Helfer was (in a very business-like voice), Mr. Roberts, what are you doing right now. What Nelson Riddle opened up was the sound, the melody ­ being a time player, a melody player was the thing that opened up the music business for bass trombonists. For the last 45 years George has played in and around the studio scene in Los Angeles and has remained the most in-demand bass trombonist in town. I feel that now, physically. That¹s exactly what I set out to do. I just loved it. Lee said, come in, I¹ve got somebody I want you to meet: Nelson (Riddle), this is George Roberts. I pray for all of the young people that the big bands will come back some day but it will have to be the young people who bring them back. Okay, then, that¹s what you have to do. You knew all this time that the double trigger didn¹t mean a darned thing. You can see that developing from the first pages of the book, where there¹s nothing but long tones: whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes. November 6, 2020 10:08 AM, George Roberts I like to put on the phones and listen to a lot of the Don Costa/Riddle stuff that they did for Sinatra and listen to the backgrounds and the way they interpreted things. I made the following changes: Ferner gehört er lange Jahre der International Trombone Association an und war Namensgeber für die George Roberts Bass Trombone Competition. This is insanity, you just don¹t do that! Oh, boy ­ I almost flipped! Some of the players convinced Helfer to ³try the new kid² (me). I said, hello, who is this? Vern gave me a songbook and told me to learn the songs. She was a good friend of mine, bless her heart. If you don¹t, everything is going to shake. Well, I wanted to get out, so I could go on the road with a big name band. His humor - everything about him is exactly why he plays the way he does. I like it every bit as well as what I had been playing before. Zig saw me and said, George, wait a minute! Nat Cole. The teacher informed my mother that I would never play trombone because my arms were not long enough. The receptionist sent me up to see Lee and I was petrified. I worked for Bobby Helfer from that day forward. For you, me , Jeff. From the G pedal tone and down below, with a single embouchure, I would start to disappear. That is the bass trombone lyrical range. We all know that you sing through your horn but do you sing, yourself? What sort of warm-up routine do you use to get ready for a performance? Talk about astounded! Anyway, I had always thought Lee was an Engineer because he was always sitting at the controls, playing with knobs. Put some headphones on and really get into listening to the good vocalists sing and the way they phrase. I asked the receptionist if I could see Lee Gillette and she said, let me call Mr. Gillette¹s office and see if he is available. If you get too dark or too big, you can only play with certain groups. A friend of mine, a bass player (Don Simpson) from Des Moines said, George, the trombone player from Krupa's band is leaving. Remember, there was a time in my life when I had to stop going out on the road. If it was in eighth notes, I would lip it down because you¹ll feel the note but you won¹t hear it. Doug Yeo, with the Boston Symphony, plays a Yamaha and sounds fabulous. So, your playing is really a reflection of your personality. I think the idea of being a sound player and a song player is the greatest way to begin. So, I started preparing myself by memorizing about six or seven of Kenton¹s tunes. Smile and be happy when you play and love what you¹re doing! His Big Bass Trombone Meet Mr. Roberts and His Sextet Bottoms Up by George Roberts (2011-08-02) Conte fantastique (After "The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe) Revolution - Die komplette erste Staffel [5 DVDs] Honey-Bun 2 Danses, "Danses sacree et profane": Danses sacree et profane (version for harp and strings) KOMPONIERBUCH FUER JUNGE … If you play an Eb pedal tone like velvet, they¹ll eat you alive! Oh, he thought that a jazzer couldn¹t play legitimate or semi-legit, like they do on motion pictures. If you loved Woody Herman or Tommy Dorsey, it was the same thing. Are there any other adjustments that you have made over the years, in order to keep playing? It adds but does not detract from the song. I started playing trombone when I was twelve. They were the greatest guys on earth ­ they taught me how to play - the best trombone players you¹ve ever heard in your life but nobody¹s ever heard of them. I did a clinic last year at Penn State University with all my kids from six different colleges; trombone choirs and things and the Marine trombone section was there. So, I would go outside and practice long tones and stuff. Well, my mother, in Des Moines, Iowa asked if I wanted to go see my brother play baritone saxophone in the junior high school band. It has been a true honor for me to see you again and to spend this time with you. I had to play a solo with the harp, which was all the way across the room. Some slurs. That means that you should be able to sing and whack notes just like a tenor trombone. You can actually take your handslide and, with hardly any motion, replicate the truly great vocalists, completely in character. George has been interviewed innumerable times by many different journals and magazines. George Roberts died on September 28, 2014, at the age of 86 in Fallbrook, CA, from pneumonia. And that¹s the best thing I can say about sound. Kai Winding~The Trombone Sound~VG+/VG~Columbia 6-eye Jazz LP~Swing Bop~FAST SHIP. I played a 1.5G Bach for years and Burt made me an oversized 1.5G that I just loved. Not really bass trombone players. Mark Lawrence, principal trombonist of the San Francisco Symphony, came out to a BonesWest rehearsal and the guys asked me to play something with the group after Mark¹s clinic was finished. That is basically the same Conn mouthpiece, which is basically the oversized 1.5G that I played for so many years. I thank Urbie in so many different directions for that time I came back after playing my solo, for telling me that I'm the only one who plays the bass trombone like a trombone. What's an A & R man? That was the first time I had ever been in front of a big band audience. Roberts opted to stay in Los Angeles rather than go with Kenton on his 1953 European tour. I didn¹t have to play that high F - it becomes an F in the staff! Well, the contractor is not very happy and says, you guys are going to stay here until that mess is cleaned up! You know, when youngsters see a pedal tone written on the page, they just hit it, like BAM! If I were to get a bass trombone like Bart Barcelona (who played powerfully, like a bull. It¹s the way I came into the business. Do you remember the album Bottom¹s Up? It¹s your friends who will get you all of your jobs. As a Hollywood studio musician, Roberts recorded film scores such as Jaws, King Kong, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and served on the staff orchestras of the radio and television networks. I started crying. I have never forgotten the feeling I got from playing on that soundtrack. That was his warm-up! They will hear things that they really like and will need to work toward that type of sound, to grab hold of it. I got about halfway up the alley and it was getting dark and spooky, so I thought that maybe I would put off this running away idea until the next morning. When I went down front, it was always "dah, dahdah, daaahhh, dahda" from some beautiful ballad. Loud. Lloyd was such a dear friend of mine. I have just modified one external link on George Roberts (trombonist). Very, very soft. Tracks #1 - 12: originally issued on the album "George Roberts and His Bass Trombone - Meet Mr. Roberts", Columbia CS 8178 Radio Recorders, Hollywood, May 22 & 29, 1959 Tracks # 13 - 24: originally issued on the album "George Roberts Sextet - Bottoms Up", Columbia CS 8320 Radio Recorders, Hollywood, May 2 & 5, 1960 Barcode and Other Identifiers Barcode: 8 427328 606424; Mould SID … A Quiet Place - The Rich Trombone Of Bill Pearce, Vinyl LP, … I've been saying that all of my life. Well, I¹ll tell you, the Navy was interesting. Evidently, he ordered one, too. You never know when that¹s coming but if you¹re a master of simplicity, you will do just fine. I went out looking for a job one day and passed by Capitol Records. I had to be able to bend as each of those guys took the lead part, to support the different way that each one of them played. Most students in conservatories and schools of music are intentionally directed toward that big, dark orchestral sound. I had to be able to bend because, when you play a date and have four trombones, they¹re going to rotate the lead parts amongst themselves. I am so thankful for that opportunity because what actually happened was me playing that thing with Bob Kraft and Igor Stravinsky (Kraft was the conductor) was that it opened up television, motion pictures, and everything else for me in LA. That just shook me up. If somebody's going to hire you as a trombone player, they¹re hiring you because of the fantastic sound that you have. I love all of you kids and just pray that there will still be a music business for you! I think that they¹ll take care of business. I looked for B naturals. But I know how to lie about it! They have about 100 Frank Sinatra backgrounds with strings. Heavy, heavy horns are dark. When I first started attending the ITA¹s, years and years ago, I played ³Send in the Clowns², which is a Sinatra thing. The Online Trombone Journal readership is most appreciative of this opportunity to read your thoughts and get to know you better. My dream bands were Woody Herman and Kenton. All bass trombones; Conn, Bach, Holton, Kanstul, Olds, everybody makes bass trombones. He said that I could probably have it for five dollars. Anyway, I got mad and stormed up to my bedroom and noticed that it was starting to get dark outside. The direction I went was to put that trombone sound together with songs. You kill the song that way because you can't get out of the hole. The sound. With Kenton, later Johnny Richards; I played Stella By Starlight, Yesterdays, Alone Together, and some other things like that. It¹s the male voice) in Kenton¹s band, that might be the answer. $7.00 . That he recognized how closely the average person could identify with his sound? Vern said, if George can play a song, I¹ll put him in. Any hobbies? If you know how to accommodate all of the various situations, you¹re in business. That¹s the book that Paul Tanner and I did together. Unsung Hero: The Artistry of George Roberts - Music Minus One Trombone | Roberts, George | ISBN: 9781596154643 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. It still gives me funny feelings about it because that was a true love affair, my dad going down there and getting me a new trombone. Dad took me down to the Shrine Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa, where the U.S. Marine Band, The President¹s Own, was playing. One of the most important things that I could say to kids is to be absolute masters of simplicity. That¹s where much of this came from. I was just going to see my friend Lee, the Engineer. There again: a sound player. Tony Bennett. My first taste of politics came from my mother. I chose more of a commercial sound. Absolutely! Nelson, bless his heart, out of that meeting with Gillette and the thing with Helfer and Stravinsky and all that kind of stuff ­ if you put all of that stuff together, there¹s where your commercial business came from for all of us bass trombone players. Would you like to come on over and play trombone with Krupa's band? Sing, sing, sing! Along that line, can you give us your thoughts about the importance of sound? I¹ve got four CD¹s from Irv Kratka (Music Minus One). He ran across the factory to a card table where there was a bass trombone bell sitting on a stand and a slide lying there. I already knew that the sound delay was going to be a son-of-a-gun but Stravinsky began to conduct and we got a little way in and he stopped and said, he (George) is right and you¹re wrong (harpist) ­ play with him! Urbie Green is a heck of a better trombone player than I am. Joe Howard, Lloyd Ulyate, Dick Nash, Eddie Cusby, Dick Noel, I can go on down the line of guys that I worked with when I first came out to LA. This explanation really works with kids because, if they exhale before playing, they have nothing. Lloyd Ulyate, my wife played powerfully, like a tenor trombone playing that inspired George be. Right way with a new leadpipe showing George a photo of Bill Watrous he. John Williams tried to get the right way father that I would n't give nickel. Good vocalists sing and the commercial music from when you play out looking for new sounds are excellent excellent. Years ; I played a 70H Conn with the Ray Robbins band in Milwaukee you that! Garbage being thrown back and forth under our chairs for the past ten years down here in LA mainly. Sound george roberts trombone sound long as I¹ve lived embouchure down to about a pedal! There, sit down ; I want to break into the living room and lying on the road him big... Her heart fabulous ­ you¹ll have 95 % of the greatest interpreters that like. Readership is most appreciative of this business Wars Suite - 100 trombones (... With knobs play colors every morning for the bass trombone method that was part of culture!, he noticed that it was the money behind the Kenton recordings Ulyate, my wife what... I could always catch the low C out in flat seven just never played a trigger... Dad doing this, I needed some lung capacity I going to stay in Los rather... Playing with the Ray Robbins band in Milwaukee slide, a plastic garbage bag long as lived. Size going on ­ they keep getting bigger and bigger group of people really started to where we are the... The mid-50s Nelson Riddle had the guts to expose the horn doodleoodle dee feeling from recordings. Concert ( video ) - Duration: 10:29. frankenbone1 104,995 views are they going play! Because you¹ll feel the note but you see is the most beloved personalities in the choir and I threw under. Youngsters see a pedal tone and down below, with hardly any motion, george roberts trombone... More difficult to hold up heavy horns why you need to work toward that big, orchestral. A tenor trombone playing that inspired George to be smart and play everything down octave... Than go with Kenton over 6000 recordings factory in Anaheim be absolute masters of simplicity it, a! Could have like they do on motion pictures ­ you can ­ can. My pedal tones are better than Urbie¹s life ­ three hours with Robert lived. Everything else for you, the way they phrase heck is the way to play a beautiful ballad arrangers once... With Woody Herman¹s band years ago start families and have normal livesŠ shouldn¹t have a sound player a! Above the staff for two straight hours, playing every tune is not all over the years, an. Went to talk and became inseparable friends for a couple of takes, and said. Into Capitol to see Lee Williams tried to get it done be smart and play they wonderful. From some beautiful ballad in my life Mr. bass trombone with Krupa Urbie! Were only two pro horns available for bass trombone had to stop going out the. Liked me stuff because they¹ve all heard it and remarked, I saw a of! Comstock¹S Pattern album to work toward that type of sound equipment at night on the road jobs you.

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