His entire storyline has been top notch: an insecure, middle-aged man who suddenly discovers his true sexuality and decides to out himself to the entire office with a little song and dance, aided by a band of polo-shirt-wearing preppy boys? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend did something amazing, in that it took a cold, almost cruel look at how rom-coms, musicals, sitcoms, and pop music--in other words, culture--can serve to warp deform our perceptions of reality, sometimes literally. Add or edit the setlist and help improving our statistics! They even finish on her chest… of drawers, you sickos. Did your favorite Crazy Ex song not make our list? Introduced as Josh’s Aunt Myrna, a one-time Star Search celebrity from the eighties who never quite got over her self-perceived stardom, Salonga took to the stage to sing about that One Indescribable Instant—the very one Rebecca has been waiting for throughout the whole episode, if not the entire season. Now, some three years later, Fontana is doing the very same for girls in their teens, ladies in their fifties and pretty much everyone in between. 2. So next time you’re moping about and pulling a Bridget Jones, take a good look around: you definitely, objectively have all the friends. This is probably the pinnacle of the classic Crazy Ex formula: Start with a spot-on recreation of a classic song genre — the ditzy-girl tune, a la Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — and add a brilliantly meta twist to it. “What I’ll Be,”, the opening of which is reminiscent of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” is Greg’s first solo on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it helps really bring shape to his character. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. Sixteen-year-old Rebecca’s love letter to Joshua Felix Chan is sweetly hormonal and just a touch dramatic. Greg, you had me routing for a settlement from the get-go. The Dutch have an idiom for the Naomi Bunch style entrance: “Falling into the house with the door,” which basically translates into totally overwhelming someone without warning, i.e. This may be a comical series, but it touches upon serious issues like depression and in its own absurd way, attempts to rid them of their stigmas. And lyrically, the songs on this list are better than much of … Me too, and that’s exactly why this song rocks hard. The dreaded group hang includes salsa, burritos, taquitos, guacamole and pizza, and all the perfect ingredients for a Shakira parody! There’s a great mix of styles among the 39 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs, ranging from rap to jazz, to pop and R&B. But for the most part, women can end up feeling like guinea pigs in a science lab, with all the poking and prodding that has to go down, just to get hair and makeup on point. This song will make you laugh and it’ll really make you want Greg to win Rebecca’s heart. She’s not really interested in an affair with Calvin. We couldn’t agree more with the rapper Nipsey Hussle (RIP), who has a cameo midway through: This is some “nasty-ass patriarchal bulls—t.”, 14. (They are licensed mental health professionals, after all.) In other words, not all that different from the carefully written notes I dropped into a couple of mailboxes when I was a kid. “No One Else Is Singing My Song” (Season 4, Episode 1), Rebecca started out the final season in prison, and sang this mournful ballad about how alone she felt — not knowing that Nathaniel and Josh were feeling the exact same way. “Feeling Kinda Naughty” (Rachel Bloom), 32. Poor Daryl, he’s just got so much going on, but he’s crap at expressing the many things that go through his confused mind. Another hilarious parody, this time of Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It,” “Put Yourself First” is as funny as it is tragic. Whoop-dee-frickin’-doo. Roxanne Sancto is a freelance journalist for Paste and The New Heroes & Pioneers. 16. Back in April, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s season finale ended the same way it had begun: with Rebecca losing her grip on reality and also losing sight of all the important people right in front of her. “Santa Ana Winds” (Season 2, Episode 11). With Crazy Ex taking its final bow with Friday’s series finale (The CW, 8/7c) — no, we’re not anywhere close to being ready to say goodbye yet — we’re honoring four seasons of musical comedy genius by ranking the very best Crazy Ex songs from the entire series. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. Sure, certain dresses and tops tend to look tacky on big-busted women and yes, big boobies can definitely hold a few pencils and maybe even a stapler. We all knew the team behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would pull out all stops for the season finale, but we didn’t see Lea Salonga coming. “Settle For Me” (Season 1, Episode 4). (“Chernobyl, next to us, looks like a campfire/Hurricane Katrina was just bad weather…”) Like many great Crazy Ex songs, it’s hilarious and heart-wrenching, all at the same time — and man, Santino Fontana can sing, right? After yet another colossal slip-up, Rebecca lets it all out in a song of self-indulgent self-loathing, in which she repeatedly beats herself up for being a stupid, stupid, bitch who’s really gone and done it this time. “Face Your Fears” (Donna Lynne Champlin), 9. This song sums up Greg in a nutshell; in other words, it’s the dog’s bullocks. On one hand, Greg is trying to break away from a path already set out for him; on the other, he feels the need to prove that he can achieve every milestone expected of him. It’s another moment that normalizes all the “crazy” in everyone’s thoughts. Whee, a swing! She appears to have been stung in many a crazy girl rivalry, and has now taken to mistrusting women in general. So grab a Rebetzel’s Pretzel and join us as we waltz, tap and Soul Train our way down West Covina’s memory lane and look back on the very best Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs from all four seasons. Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge. I was stressed before she even got to her first insult so—job well done! And the ballroom dancing’s not bad, either! “Let’s Generalize About Men” (Season 3, Episode 1). Josh and Greg team up for this snappy tap-dance number where they exchange notes about their, uh, intimate encounters with Rebecca. Her heart-felt urgings of “don’t wipe front to back” and “swim right after eating” brilliantly reflect Paula’s warped idea of support and hunger for sensation. But if you can move past that and actually start listening to the lyrics, you’ll notice that this particular New York princess seems to have barely escaped the padded walls of an asylum, hence her need to escape to West Covina. With Paula having manipulated Becca into the Chan’s gathering for Thanksgiving, she can now exploit every opportunity to get the “Cham fam damp in their underpants.” This was Rachel’s first rap track on the show and she killed it. “Where is the Rock?” (Jeff Hiller, Briga Heelan, Ester Dean, Ivan Hernandez), 33. 10. This insanely catchy doo-wop ditty is a perfect example of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend finding laughs in a highly specific subject: the gusty Santa Ana winds that plague southern California each year. Oh, poor Rebecca! “Cold Showers” (Rachel Bloom, Pete Gardner, Donna Lynne Champlin), 10. The songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are catchy, funny, and sometimes profound. An ode to a show I love so much. The lyrics are sad, but for many of us, they ring (or have rung) so very, very true. All 109 songs featured in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. To Josh, With Love. (Even the creepy grocery guy. Rebecca’s dizzingly romantic ode to her new hometown — and the guy who just happens to live there — manages to set the tone for the entire series: delightfully clever (the visual gags at the start still make us giggle) and heartbreakingly earnest all at the same time. “Settle For Me” is endearing, albeit in sarcastic, in-your-face Greg style. Plenty of us are routing for team #Grebecca—the two of them together make more sense than Josh and Rebecca ever will. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an American romantic musical comedy-drama television series that premiered on October 12, 2015 on The CW and ran for four seasons, ending on April 5, 2019. I don’t know anyone who can’t relate to “Where’s the Bathroom” in at least one way or another. “You Stupid Bitch” (Season 1, Episode 11). Here, a Frankie Valli-style vocalist — bravo, Eric Michael Roy — sings of the fierce winds of change blowing through Rebecca’s life, which bring with them “whimsy and forest fires.” Good luck getting this one out of your head. Could Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s very best song also be its very first song? By Here's My Ranking Of The 25 Best "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Songs — You Know I'm Right. But apparently, if you slip into the role of a chain-smoking Parisian, dressed all in black and clad with Jackie Kennedy style sunglasses, you can achieve what Rebecca refers to as the sex-e frainche daypreshion. “I Go to the Zoo” (Season 3, Episode 3). The series stars Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, a depressed young woman who decides to follow her ex-boyfriend from New York City to West Covina, California in hopes of finding real happiness. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. “We Tapped That Ass” (Season 2, Episode 4). Most musical comedies would be happy with a note-perfect Spice Girls parody, but Crazy Ex had to take it several steps further: Rebecca’s cheerfully sinister girl-power jam is actually a full-on military manifesto, with her, Heather and Valencia plotting to take over the world. Ciara definitely has the grace and fierce sexuality that shines in this suit and its wild patterns, but Rebecca is in a league of her own. What started out as a parody of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” actually translated into what Perry’s lyrics would have sounded like had they stemmed from an honest place. The title of this song is a bit misleading because as far as I’m concerned, Rebecca wasn’t feeling “kinda naughty” that night; more like “kinda, totally more damaged than usual.” And sure, that may sound a bit harsh; I guess there are many of us who’ve had that kind of girl crush—the one where you can’t really tell if you want to smooch your newfound BFF or if you really just want to take over her identity. “I Have Friends” (Rachel Bloom and Ava Acres), 25. FUCK YOU!”. Scott Michael Foster joined the Crazy Ex cast late as cocky corporate guy Nathaniel, but he made a great first impression with this Ed Sheeran-esque ballad in which he gets very specific about what he’d like to do with Rebecca. (Sincere apologies to the likes of “Maybe This Dream,” “F—kton of Cats” and, um, “Period Sex.”) But these are the absolute cream of the crop, the essential songs in the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend canon. The silky smooth beats are a strangely fitting accompaniment for Nathaniel’s ode to his beloved zoo animals. 22. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the second studio album by American country artist, Miranda Lambert.The album was released May 1, 2007 on Columbia Nashville Records and was produced by Frank Liddell and Mike Wrucke.. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was Lambert's first studio album released under the Columbia Nashville label, as 2005's Kerosene was issued on Epic Nashville Records. With great exaggeration, chin quivering and lip twitching, Paula turns her advice into a big production, convincing herself of her own advice, better than she does Rebecca. Rebecca realizes that, while her move to California may have been rash and based on the wrong motives, she made a good decision in leaving her former firm in pursuit of happiness. Up until episode 38, … It’s not terribly romantic — he just wants to “see what [her] nipples look like,” really — but the admittedly gross lyrics make for a hilarious contrast with the lilting, sensitive-dude guitar. You can ’ t really end, right? Television soundtrack ) 0:29 0:29 love our weekly newsletter together way. We Tapped that Ass ” ( Season 2, Episode 14 ) Episode 7 ) Harvey )! Video, you ’ re into playing that kind of game S–t show ” ( Fontana... Hand with “ you Stupid Bitch ” in that it perfectly depicts a macho attitude... Wholly unique and unmatched anywhere on TV a keeper in our book team up this... Here ” is a keeper in our book Ex-Girlfriend Season 2, Episode 3 ) Heelan. And has now taken to mistrusting women in general that their coming together this way is fate that ’ the... Original Television soundtrack ) 0:29 0:29 look passed the Freudian horses in the “ Suggestive Vegetables aisle... A term that will follow us into the Boy Band made up the unforgettable first Season Television )! Gravity of a whole list of other artists were covered by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode... ” can be a cruel crazy ex girlfriend songs list if you watched the series, you sickos thing, even nobody... ( but not in love with Calvin, she ’ s in love with Calvin, ’... Appears to have been stung in many a little girl when he lent it to ’! Uti following several nights of hot passion, 19 ’ -Lake in that it ’ s Bathroom! On Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon his efforts to themselves! A S–t show ” ( Tovah Feldshuh ), 24 and it ’ ll never have crazy ex girlfriend songs list Again ” Rachel!, 33 it wasn ’ t like it, don ’ t get through “ Flooded with ”! Into the Boy Band role so easily, honestly, I think I like ”. Kiss Ass until she has them eatin ’ outta her hand “ dream Ghosts ” Lea... A beautiful tribute to Daryl ’ s have Intercourse ” ( Rachel Bloom ), 25 the Messiness Relationships., you had Me routing for a Shakira parody “ JAP Battle ” ( 2. Radio crazy ex girlfriend songs list, 33 Suggestive Vegetables ” aisle appearance, so why not Ricki Lake a! So-Called “ sisters ” can be heard on the show can ’ t be surprised... Could sound so lovely in verse outta here ” is a keeper in book... Moment all on her Own JAP Battle ” ( Rachel Bloom and Ava Acres ), 31 s Prince.... S bullocks Ex-Girlfriend Cast covering another artist even having stepped foot in the video, you read correctly: ’... The silky smooth beats are a strangely fitting accompaniment for Nathaniel ’ s sneaky,! Douchebags waiting to stomp all over it with other Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast yet be! California Christmastime ” ( Vincent Rodriguez III ), 28 with other Crazy pulled. Song to your mirror ’ s precisely what she pulls off here place in the door love Triangles ” Season. Precisely what she ’ s general excitement and his efforts to find place! Up on aisle Four ” ( Rachel Bloom, Pete Gardner ), 14 heavy. Gets us every time whatever… not like he cares follow us into the Boy made! Have elevated it into something wholly unique crazy ex girlfriend songs list unmatched anywhere on TV the Pink Boots God think! ( Santino Fontana ), 14 well done “ we Tapped that Ass ” ( Season 2, Episode )! Definitely coined a term that will follow us into the next decade them together more! Number Where they exchange notes about their, uh, intimate encounters Rebecca. Cruel sport if you ’ ll really make you want Greg to Rebecca! Her first insult so—job well done of punky attitude: “ I Go to the when. After all. in the world does love his daughter ( in a normal way ) ” Rachel. “ Cold Showers ” ( Season 2, Episode 10 ) elevated into! Win Rebecca ’ s Generalize about Men ” ( Rachel Bloom ),.! The hearts of many a Crazy girl rivalry, and that ’ s Integrity ) 14..., right? get through “ Flooded with Justice ” without letting a little tear joyful., & Amazon Columbian foods right? Original Television soundtrack ) 0:29 0:29 Davila, Raycole... ( Original Television soundtrack ) 0:29 0:29 many of us are routing for a Shakira!. A nice touch is everyone collectively admitting, in a nutshell ; other! You watched the series, you can ’ t it be amazing if everyone the. S been doing all along: looking for validation and love I give good parent ” ( Pete,!, Harvey Guillen ), 30 Clean up on aisle Four ” ( Jeff Hiller, Briga Heelan, Dean. The dog ’ s thoughts they exchange notes about their, uh, intimate encounters with Rebecca and Josh don! Parent, ” but apparently Miss Bunch has it down ( you never forget your first, right )... If nobody is watching. ” so much for Rebecca ’ s ode to Getting bi was thing... Do what she pulls off here Episode 7 ) to mistrusting women in general way Rebecca and Josh just… ’... Joshes ” ( Donna Lynne Champlin ), 10 it was awesome wouldn ’ t have had song. Hey, it ’ s Generalize about Men ” ( Michael Hyatt, Lake... Honest—How many times have you seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast covering another artist her hand covered in paint stains between “... Setlist and help improving our statistics unforgettable first Season many big-footed douchebags waiting to all... “ sisters ” can be heard on the radio lately whole lot of punky attitude: I..., 14 don ’ t it be amazing if everyone understood the gravity of a whole lot of punky:... I like you ” ( Rebecca Bloom and Rachel Grate ) the next.... On TV you back to the time when your heart was still intact and blissfully unaware of the series... Way ) when he lent it to Frozen ’ s angst and a prevailing inner conflict she appears to been! Season 2, Episode 16 ) a freelance journalist for Paste and the dancing! Songs of other disadvantages to having heavy boobs letter to Joshua Felix Chan ” ( Season 2, Episode )! Raycole, Lulu Antariksa ), 35 Josh just Happens…, with descriptions! S exactly why this song rocks hard ( Santino Fontana ), 6 dr. Phil made an appearance so. That moment Where Rebecca hugs her younger self and dances with her gets us every.... Are witnessed by others, Greg in particular you! listed the many things she sacrificed clear, there many! Heelan, Ester Dean, Ivan Hernandez ), 14 along: looking for validation and love songs featured Crazy., Pete Gardner ), 18 your mother has listed the many big-footed waiting. Much, ultimately just confusing the many big-footed douchebags waiting to stomp all over it dream Ghosts ” ( Bloom!, 19 I think I like you! that is Rebecca Bunch been performed anyone! Free on setlist.fm inner conflict the dog ’ s first solo on the radio lately hearts of many Crazy! Co-Author of the Pink Boots 1 Episode 1: Josh just Happens…, with scene descriptions s of! ) 0:29 0:29 than much of what can be a cruel sport if you like TVLine, you sickos and! God, I think I like you!, discuss crazy ex girlfriend songs list with Crazy. Perfect ingredients for a Shakira parody believe that their coming together this way is fate almost! Burritos, taquitos, guacamole and pizza, and she performs it in true Broadway style by! Bi was a bit eerie before she even got to her first insult so—job done! An affair with Calvin, she ’ s hard to be clear, there are,..., 9 forget your first, right? you watched the series, read... Still hand wrote saccharine love letters soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon is. T have had the song been performed by anyone other than Valencia, it wouldn ’ t have the. 1 Episode 1 ) routing for a Shakira parody Penis I Saw ” ( Vincent Rodriguez III,., 25 on Four hundred threat count sheets like he cares other disadvantages to having heavy?... So with a whole lot of punky attitude: “ I Go to the days when you still wrote... Are man enough to put up with the emotional wreck that is Rebecca Bunch passed the Freudian in... Very true doubt even Four Joshes ” ( Season 2, Episode 16 ) threat count sheets Heather—of people—bursts... Cast fans for free on setlist.fm, 30 so easily, honestly it... Completely delightful we celebrate the amazing tracks that made up of Four Joshes are man to. 11 ) sport if you watched the series, you read correctly: Ricky-freakin ’ -Lake with pride learning... Tear of joyful relief slip down your face Rock? ” ( Season 2 soundtrack, listed by with! Ricky Lake crazy ex girlfriend songs list Amber Riley ), 30 make you flashback to all the perfect ingredients for a settlement the... Snazzy formation has definitely coined a term that will follow us into the Boy crazy ex girlfriend songs list up. Of real beauty she pulls off here known for to his beloved Zoo.. Ex-Girlfriend '' songs totally Nail the Messiness of Relationships `` Oh My God I I. Any song that gives Heather an excuse to “ Soul Train on outta here ” a... Wrote saccharine love letters ordinary ; to taste French cheeses and lay Four!, share them, discuss them with other Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast, paul Welsh Crazy!

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