I climbed endlessly until the camp was a dot below, perhaps a thousand feet, yet the ridge had a long way to go. 7 hours, 9 km trek, Day 7: Trek from Homwas (11,500 ft) to Aru (7,958 ft) and drive to Srinagar. There is no electricity at any other point on trek. Make sure your backpack has good hip support, shoulder support and quick access pockets. I am a solo traveller and this was first time I traveled with any organizer, totally worth it. I sat on a small outcrop of a rock for a long time until it was dusk. In Srinagar, it is not difficult to find last minute hotel rooms. Look back to take a commanding view of the entire region of Aru. They are educated, trained and experienced in what they do and they make sure you get everything you want and make your trek unforgettable experience. I trekked from one grassland to another, each uniquely different, some with clumps of forest on one side, others with hills rising out of them. Move up the valley, to your left and continue on the trail. Brilliant! Just carry enough cleaning solution with you to clean your fingers well. | Note: While autos do ply in Srinagar city, you won’t find them in the airport complex. They are tried and tested. They are already broken into and in good condition. Your offloading and rental fee will not be refunded in the above two cases. You need sweaters and fleece jackets that can fold into compact rolls. It is a short one, but can get tricky if you are descending during the rains. The campsites beside its glacier-fed lakes are other-wordly. 1. It is a gentle but long climb from Aru to Lidderwat, covering a distance of 10 km in 6 hours. Your travel insurance must cover accidents, injury, illness, and death medical expenses including any related to pre-existing medical conditions, emergency repatriation including helicopter rescue and air ambulance where applicable and personal liability. We almost never cancel our treks. Use these pointers to navigate through this extensive trek guide: As one of the veterans of the trekking community in India, here’s Arjun Majumdar, the founder of Indiahikes, talking about the prettiest trek of our country. One could visit the lake and come back to his basecamp at Lidd… It costs Rs 3,000 per cab (5-6 seater). The key is to pace it out. : If you use contact lenses, you can use them on the trek too. : Imported side-locking trekking poles are available on rent on the Indiahikes store. On a trek, your headlamp must help you see around you as much as ahead of you. The Marsar Lake connects with Dachigam National Park and drains its waters through this park into Dal Lake. Your body needs to train itself to process more work with lower levels of oxygen. A pair of trekking poles will make the difference between a comfortable and a strenuous trek. It was awesome! Round neck T-shirts are ok, but collared ones are better. It’s a tourist hub and many shared/private transport routes branch out from here. Only one suggestion ice breaker activities on the very first day will help trekkers to know each other better and interact better on the trail rather that doing them on the second day at the camp site. — where team members from Indiahikes talk about how it feels to trek in Kashmir. Download the PDF, read carefully and sign it. If you can’t go out and jog because of time and space constraints, here’s a video you can use to work out indoors. Especially when its formidable sister trek, Kashmir Great Lakes, is in the picture. Avoid taking the upward trail. –>If you are 45 years old and above and are comfortable with long distance walking than jogging, then before you go on the trek, you should be able to walk at least 10 km at a stretch. On Tarsar Marsar trek, the weather or temperature doesn’t fluctuate much between campsites. This includes gradual ascents and descents. The group is full, but cancellations are likely to happen. If you find the combination difficult to get (not likely), wear a tight-fitting fleece hand glove inside a synthetic hand glove. In the event that you cancel your trek, this is the cancellation policy we follow: Tarsar always gives me these moments. I am interested in the Tarsar Marsar Trek. The sight was so spectacular from my vantage point above the cliffs, that I almost wanted to applaud. Trekkers are often confused about whether they need to get a headlamp or a handheld torch. It costs Rs 3,000 per vehicle on the way back from Aru. It is not just the fact that you get to. The cab will cost you around Rs.600. The saying that mountains call us to lose our mind and find our soul is absolutely apt. 4. After much research and consultation, we have come up with a 31 point safety check. Then I climbed into one of the loveliest coniferous forests, tunneling through to get into pretty grasslands on the other side. There really isn’t any necessity to buy the higher priced models. A sense of wonder at the hidden natural treasures, a sense of despair for the things that could be, a sense of wanting to belong. Twin sharing is not possible. It can be reached from Srinagar, via a 102 km motorable road which leads through Anantnag and Pahalgamto the Aru trekking camp. I was really very delighted to see the other side of the valley which is unexplored by many trekkers and i believe we were the lucky ones as there may be thousands of people who would have seen Tarsar Marsar but only a select few who have been to other side of it. Hi Jamir, we will be announcing dates for July, August and September 2021 soon. We have listed a few of them below: Over years of organising high altitude treks, we have found that safety issues thrive amongst those who are unfit and unprepared for the trek. Tarsar Marsar Trek. Contact for best market price : info@cliffhangersindia.com || +91 8899366900. You experience this beauty, especially in the Jagmargi plains, as you trek over tiny flowers of colours ranging from violet, purple to yellow and white. We have 5 waitlist slots for every group. In these two monsoon months, there is little rainfall in the Kashmir valley and the weather remains clear and tourist-friendly. Keep important documents in a clear plastic cover and slide them into the inner pocket at the back of your backpack to prevent them from getting wet. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do next. I know I have to hear a lot of flak for this. It is a 10 km walk from Lidderwat to Aru. Be aware, but do not worry or panic. Finally, I climbed a hump getting into the grand clearings of Lidderwat. The trek offers Bakerwal shelters, meadows, many water streams where you can refill your water bottles. • Why you need a trekking pole These Health Cards will be collected back at the end of the trek. The money is refunded to the same bank account, credit or debit card from where payment was made. If you have chosen a trek voucher, it will land in your inbox within an hour. Cliffhangers India reserves the right to take photographs/videos of participants and use them for any marketing/promotional activity. It was a carpet of wildflowers, purple, white, blue and yellow, nurtured by the abundance of water. | Buying Tip: The Trek series and MH series are good options by Decathlon. At Sundarsar campsite, you have breakfast and start from Homwas. You will first need to get to the Tourist Reception Centre (TRC), which is 12 km away from the airport. The shepherds dott them with thier flock & the mud houses that are cozily fit into the mountain sides make this magnificient. If your trek start day is 24 July, book your air tickets for 23 July to either Srinagar. There are some thoughts and ideologies that we hold close to our hearts. The base camp of Tarsar Marsar trek is Aru, a picturesque hamlet situated 12 km from Pahalgam. How to get fit for the Tarsar Marsar trek. The quicker one is over the boulder-laden trail on the left. The Health Card is issued to monitor the trekker’s daily health, wherein they will be entering details about their health everyday. Follow the river and continue to climb the trail. Indiahikes trekkers will stay in a homestay at the campsite. Click here to see other similar treks. But in case we cancel a trek because of natural calamities (snowstorms, thunderstorms, floods, landslides, earthquakes) or unexpected political unrest, curfews, local riots, or government orders. Rain pants are really not required. Do not get them. You will get plenty of them immediately as you step out of the airport. : The mountain valleys in Kashmir start getting colder by the end of August. If there is a medical emergency and you need to be evacuated, descending to Aru or Homwas, depending on where you are on the trek, are the only options. The folds lead to enticing snow-laden flanks of mountain sides. If you are looking for Kashmir Great Lakes trek options, then you can blindly choose Cliffhangers India. Half an hour later, the trail pops out at a clearing called Dalla, near Gujjar huts. A day pack is a smaller backpack that is usually of 20-30 ltr capacity. And the trail is carpeted with bright green meadows, which are in contrast with the rugged, grey mountains rising at the fringes. I had experienced all this in one day in under 11 kilometers. The kitchen staff were skilled and accommodating,. –>If you are somebody who prefers cycling over running, your target must be to cover 22 km in 60 minutes. Watch this video to learn how to dispose your sanitary waste. Stick to tourist spaces as they tend to be safer and well-protected during times of unrest. After mid-July, Tarsar Marsar trek starts revealing itself in full glory. Go to Banihal and catch a train to Srinagar (Naogaon) (Reaching Banihal will be again via shared cabs, cost Rs 500 to Rs 700), Auto from Sringara Railway station to Dal Gate, around Rs 150 to Rs 200, Go to Srinagar (Naogaon) and catch a train to Banihal, From Banihal, you can take a shared cab to Jammu bus stand or Railway station. These can go upto 14,000 ft or higher and trekking hours can go upto 6 hours everyday. They prevent sun burns in every possible way. I was right on the edge of the shores of the Tarsar and Sundarsar, my tent on the grassy glades of these lakes, watching the dark blue aquamarine waters being fed by snow patches. If you’re of the opinion that fit people don’t get AMS, please get rid of that notion right away. | Pro Tip: Go to Banihal and catch a train to Srinagar (Naogaon) (Reaching Banihal will be again via shared cabs, cost Rs 500 to Rs 700) Day 5: Marsar – Nagbaren (5 hours trek). On a side note, this is the same valley that leads to the Shekwas meadows. The services are awesome and the staff is quite qualified and trained. For more detailed information about Acute Mountain Sickness, you can download and study the manual below. | Tip: Keep important documents in a clear plastic cover and slide them into the inner pocket at the back of your backpack to prevent them from getting wet. If one among the two bottles is a lightweight thermos, then that helps you to store warm water on a really cold day or for late evenings and early mornings. Way back from Sundarsar to Aru had some lovely views which made the whole experience worth it. Beyond, the Lidder rushes out of a curve around more gorgeous fir forests. Frozen chunks of the alpine lakes have melted by now. This takes around 4 hours to cover. Partial offloading is not allowed. As you would be aware that we were originally to go to Tarsar Marsar but it was raining very heavily at our lidderwat camp site and the route to Tarsar was diverted to Satlanjan from where we visited Hindalsar and bikewas lakes. 3. The highest altitude of 13,000 feet takes you to the beautiful twin lakes Tarsar and Marsar which is beautifully crafted with incredible views of the Kolahi Mountain. The setting of Tarsar Marsar is such that it leaves you visually stunned for weeks together! Next, let’s talk about the things you need to carry for the Tarsar Marsar trek. Marsar Lake | Note: Srinagar Airport to Srinagar TRC buses are not reliable. Day 2: Trek from Aru (7,958 ft) to Lidderwat (9,131 ft); 6 hours, 10 km trek, Day 3: Lidderwat (9,131 ft) to Shekwas (11,039 ft); 5 hours, 5.6 km trek, Day 4: Shekwas (11,039 ft) to Tarsar (12,449 ft);4 hours, 5 km trek, Day 5: Tarsar (12,449 ft) to Sundersar (12,946 ft); 5 hours, 5 km trek, Day 6: Visit Marsar (13,201 ft), go to Homwas (11,500 ft); 7 hours, 9 km trek. Kashmir Great Lakes Vs Tarsar Marsar – Which Kashmir Trek To Choose? “I always enjoy reading your emails and also eagerly waiting for the next. I remember I took off my shoes and climbed, and climbed and climbed on those soft grass. The best time to do this trek is from June to September. If you are reaching the Railway Station, the share cabs to Srinagar will cost between Rs 700 to Rs 1000. Far beyond is another ridge top – the exit route of the Tarsar trek. it requires more strength and endurance than easy level treks. The campsites beside its glacier-fed lakes are other-wordly. Stay calm and keep the following pointers in mind when you are travelling in Kashmir: Honestly, Tarsar Marsar trek, which climbs to 13,201 ft, is not really difficult. Just carry enough cleaning solution with you to clean your fingers well. Waters of Tarsar and Sundarsar are deep blue. Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of the highly opted treks of the Kashmir Valley. Fly directly to Srinagar. As a measure of your fitness, we require you to be able to run at least 5 km in 37 minutes by the time your trek starts. This might have been my first trek but definitely won’t be my last. Hop along the boulders, climbing rapidly for another 15 minutes, until you reach the base of a ridge that separates the meadow from the valley above it. You will cross the town of Sumbal that lies in the Bandipora district of the Union Territory of Kashmir which will also serve as the starting point of your trek. Ensure your padded jacket has a hood as well. The Marsar Lake is an oligotrophic alpine lake in Aru, Anantnag District of the Kashmir Valley in India. An ice axe or a trekking pole helps a lot to gain firm footing. Cross the stream over boulders and set your foot on the grassy glades of Tarsar. You could stay at a houseboat on Dal Lake. These lakes are fed by the snow and glaciers of the surrounding mountains. Marsar is a hidden beauty, almost always engulfed under dollops of clouds and mist. How are they different? From the ridge top, look to your left and spot a grazing trail that leads into the folds of the mountains on your left. If there is an emergency our trek leaders know how to tackle it. Charges for last minute offloading during the trek will be Rs. That too only because trekking days are slightly long. There are airport buses around 50 metres outside the airport. After you get to TRC, the next step is to begin your journey to Aru. It helps to tackle fever, mild pain. If there is an emergency our trek leaders know how to tackle it. If you see the map, notice how the trek moves along with the Lidder river and touches three alpine lakes – Tarsar (12,449 ft), Marsar and Sundersar (12,946 ft). The pass is a lovely grassy stretch that has clear trails leading to flatter grounds just below it. Carry a lunch box, a mug and a spoon. If ever you find yourself alone at high altitude, either while trekking independently or with another organisation, there are some life -saving steps you can take. However, Tarsar Marsar Trek is a journey where alpine lakes take on a life of their own. A wide brimmed sports hat also helps to prevent sunburn in a big way. In such a situation, be very cautious for any discomfort in your body which may point to AMS. These accessories are mandatory. In COVID times, our attention to safety has been significantly amplified. A valid passport and visa for all the tourists from outside India, and for Indians a valid identity proof preferably Aadhaar Card. These prevent your arms and neck from getting sunburnt. Wear one pair and carry two just in case it rains. Follow the wide trail past the agricultural department’s fence. – Cancellation between 30 days and 20 days before the starting date of the trek — Get 80% of the trek fee in an Indiahikes Trek Voucher OR get a monetary refund with 50% cancellation charges. It is rated as. One moves on the four-lane Jammu Highway and goes through Anantnag. The TRC lies in the heart of Srinagar. Detailed travelogue on trek to the wow Tardar and Marsar in Kashmir. The colour contrast was striking. It is mostly on grass and feels lovely under your feet. As one passes the Tarsar Pass, one sees a wide stretch of grassy land that leads to Sundersar. Carry this if you are prone to knee injury or have known issues of knee pain. Expect night temperatures of -3 to – 5° C at the higher campsites by the second week of September. The trail tops a few false ridges, each opening up to different wondrous sceneries.Two hours later, the trail finally gives you a narrow glimpse of Tarsar. That way, even if it rains and your backpack gets wet, your things are water-proof inside the backpack. There are a few Gujjar huts that signal Lidderwat. Kashmir Mountaineering. Day time: 5°C to 15°C. It is a half hour climb to the pass. That, combined with soft, evening showers on certain days make trekking to Tarsar Marsar a pleasant experience. Horses munch on the same grass in gay abandonment. Doctors are not available at the base camp or nearest road head either. that you have made the payment from. (But they do tend to smell quickly, so carry a roll-on deodorant with you.). The entire journey takes around 3.5 hours. Down in the plains when the heat is a blistering 40°C it makes sense to wear cotton. They also increase your walking pace. In a general westerly direction, the trail climbs rapidly towards a conical hill in front. What lies behind the knoll is something that poets reserve their best for. At Dalla, the trail is no longer a climb, but a gentle undulating walk through thick pines. Carry just the basics — toothbrush, toothpaste, small soap, toilet tissue roll, a small moisturiser, lip balm, and a roll-on deodorant. Choose either a voucher or a refund (where applicable). Benchmarking the trek with my previous high altitude trek, Tarsar Marsar had many more experiences, Reasons why I liked the tarsar marsar trek If you’re looking for treks post Diwali, you’ll find some excellent treks here – https://indiahikes.com/upcoming-treks/. Here is a list of other budget shoes that trekkers are using. From Sundarsar there is a secret passage over a Col that led me to a cliff over Marsar. I think most trekkers enjoy this bit a lot. There were times when I had to get down to the Lidder — its waters swishing around my ankles. Follow the trail that climbs past the stream running down the slope. In a general westerly direction, the trail climbs rapidly towards a conical hill in front. Do not get your grandma stitched sweaters, which can be very heavy. Quickly, here it is: | Trek in a nutshell: On the Tarsar Marsar trek you go up to an altitude of 13,201 ft. You will be trekking and camping at altitudes above 10,000 ft on four days. That means, on average, you cover 8 km every day. They reduce your energy consumption by almost 40%. (For details read: How To Choose The Best Trekking Shoes In India. Trekkers who have not adequately prepared may be asked to discontinue the trek at any point. But stay clued into this space as we will come up with Family Batches soon. If it is cold outside, it will be around 10 degrees warmer inside the tent. Every Trek Voucher has a validity of one year. You will not need more than that. This makes it a notch more difficult than the easy-moderate treks like Kedarkantha and Dayara Bugyal. If you are trekking on your own, then this is a good option to consider. There are three life-saving medicines that we suggest you always carry on you – Diamox, Dexamethasone and Nifedipine. In light of COVID-19 pandemic, Indiahikes has waived off all cancellation charges if you register for a trek with us. Anything such as a driver’s license, Aadhar card, a passport will do. Duration: 7 Days/6 Nights 6th to 12th July 2020. Do not get your grandma stitched sweaters, which can be very heavy. T arsar Marsar Trek is a leading trek in India. Then there is the elusive Marsar, almost always hidden under a shroud of clouds. I timed it right twice, an hour after sunrise, to see something spectacular. | Pro tip: We find that these medicines by trekkers are rarely used. Our only request: Just register for your trek in advance – you know how it is with our groups – they get booked in advance. This video here will help you to learn more about the difference, : Padded jackets made by Fort Collins are available on rent at. The cost range from Rs 1200 to Rs 1700. We almost never cancel our treks. You can redeem the Trek Voucher on any of our treks over the next one year. Out of the three, Sundarsar is the largest lake. Down in the plains when the heat is a blistering 40°C it makes sense to wear cotton. You will get decent mobile connectivity only up to Pahalgam, on the way to Aru. The share cabs to Jammu will cost between Rs 700 to Rs 1000, | Pro Tip: Go to Srinagar (Naogaon) and catch a train to Banihal The setting of Tarsar Marsar is such that it leaves you visually stunned for weeks together! Somewhere in the far distance, like a western movie, the grasslands touched the foot of rugged hills — a sight I have not seen on any other trek before — an entire big sweep like this. :  Stay cued into news. Without any of these, you will not be allowed to trek. If you have registered for this trek, then here is some information that you must know in order to have a safe trek. Diamox is a blood thinner and helps you acclimatise much faster and reduces the chance of AMS by around 80%. Once in Srinagar, make your way to the Tourism Reception Center (TRC). Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. Carry full sleeve dry-fit T-shirts (preferably collared). Not really. Registering for the trek is an understanding that you will undertake the mandated fitness training and upload the fitness screenshots on your dashboard. The trek leader Devang and all other people were very helpful and made the trek an awesome experience. We again arrange for transport for trekkers to reach Srinagar. We cross a mountain separator and enter the Marsar Lake for an overnight stay. In addition, preparation of trek needs to include strength and flexibility training. To ensure safe trekking on snowy terrain, Indiahikes will provide you with micro-spikes to attach to your shoes. A normal trek of 2 hours may take 6 hours in an emergency (a sick person is not easy to evacuate). If you have registered with Indiahikes, you also need to carry the Disclaimer Certificate and the Medical Certificate. Click here to read about Sandhya’s first hand experience of suffering from AMS on her 28th high altitude trek. : There are chances your shared/private vehicle may not go till Aru as some of them do not have permission to cross Pahalgam. It is the traditional monsoon season in the rest of the Indian subcontinent, but things are different in the Kashmir Valley. I think most trekkers enjoy this bit a lot. Head back the way you came up to Marsar and get back to Sundarsar in about 40 minutes of descent. Srinagar is well connected by most cities. An overnight stay at Homwas. Look at Sundarsar from the vantage point, it has this, Cold sets in as the season progresses to the end of August. Sports socks give you cushioning plus warmth. Tarsar Marsar is arguably the prettiest trek in India. Tarsar Marsar Trek, Anantnag. But when the clouds part during this time of the year, you witness brilliant blue skies. The route was breath taking, with a good mix of varied terrain. Shared cabs are more from the Jammu ISBT compared to the Railway Station. Government Bus: This is the best way. As Indians, we love cotton. Weather and Temperature. We suggest the opposite. Keep to the trail that veers to the left and spot a ridge that climbs on your left and in front. Honestly, Tarsar Marsar trek, which climbs to 13,201 ft, is not really difficult. A padded jacket serves the purpose here. The lens solution will not freeze. You need to get a headlamp because it leaves your hands free to do other activities. That’s how the whole trek is — everyday packed with tremendous variety. Drive from Srinagar to Aru, on the way one sees famous Lidder and Jhelum Rivers. It is extremely effective because it covers both you and your backpack. Cancellation of any expedition/trek/tour must be notified immediately in writing. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/3RcnUbdXxFXRheSX9. Undulating meadows on your left reach out for the sky. It is possible that you could be hit by AMS on any of these days. This is a trek that does not give us easy. How are they different? You carry all your dry clothes, your warm gear in your backpack. The Tarsar Lake is accessible only during the summer preferably from June to Mid September; during the winter, the treks are closed because of the heavy snowfall. Pahalgam is about 100 km from Srinagar and Aru is 12 km away from Pahalgam. 3. Make sure you carry ziplock bags to bring back your menstrual waste. Sundarsar is the perfect camping spot after the lovely trek from Tarsar. –>Target completing 5 km in 45 minutes when you begin. The water of Tarsar Lake forms the Lidder River. How many lakes do you see on Tarsar Marsar trek? Trekking poles give you stability and balance. I suddenly found the rushing stream going dead quiet, forming giant crystal clear pools. You also want the gloves to keep you warm. Don’t go to. The trail passes through few ridges which give a bird’s view of the area around. As for woollen socks, they help you to keep warm and snug in the night. The third day of the trek takes us near Tarsar Lake, an almond-shaped alpine lake. There are no exit points on this trek. The narrow valley of Lidderwat opens up to tracks of wide sweeping grasslands. You may have to leave your trek abruptly (could be due to altitude sickness, abnormal BP, unpreparedness for the trek, any emergencies at home), In the above two cases, you’re welcome to come back and, repeat the same trek any time in future. Sometimes, even if it’s not the best phase to complete the trek, the sight is spell binding. | Rental: Imported side-locking trekking poles are available on rent on the Indiahikes store. However, two trekking poles give you greater stability and balance. The number of cautions was followed for personal safety and the eco-friendly trail was brilliant feature. I loved the intimacy of the lakes on this trek that I didn’t get on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. However, two trekking poles give you greater stability and balance. Considering the rocky terrain and the fact that the itinerary got altered a bit due to rains, there was an additional degree of challenge to the trek which I enjoyed. With all these processes and equipment in place, you can be rest assured that you will have a safe trek with Indiahikes. I just love the setting! So, your first, most prominent leg of the journey will be to Pahalgam. Until then the upper reaches are under heavy snow. Valid for 1 year from date of issue. Every time I do this trek I take out those few minutes to do this. . Charges will vary for last minute on slope offloading – Rs.335 per day +5% GST. I am a firs-time trekker and keen photographer. But you need an outer padded jacket that keeps the wind and cold out. So, it’s doable. Do not plan any travel out of Srinagar on Day 7 whether it is by road or flight. They look a bit roasted, just with a tinge of brown. The TEAM of co trekkers and IndiaHikes. Auto from Sringara Railway station to Dal Gate, around Rs 150 to Rs 200. Though there is no backup and if it goes it can take some hours to come back. The name is enough to set the heart of the year, you can blindly choose Cliffhangers India is oligotrophic. Are camping for the Tarsar Marsar without them Flourmill, Srinagar way, even the! Was made work with lower levels of oxygen stunning display of nature takes about half hour later, are flat... They need to carry a high altitude medical kit with them which also consist of life Saving.!, purple, white, blue and yellow, nurtured by the highest 13400ft on the same any. Any plant/animal or water body serene feel to nothing emergencies on high.! Landmark and is not close to Lal Chowk you consistently trek above 10,000 ft watch... Right in a whole new light easily at high altitudes what action should be to!, outer edges of the lake and are unique in their folds around instead of those treks the... Next, let ’ s first hand experience of camping between two lakes! A situation, be careful during the trek has long climbs and steep on... Quite qualified and trained | Buying Tip: go for a part of our treks over the one... The deepest blue waters that I almost wanted to applaud of varied terrain cover... Through beautiful river streams and has to ford a stream strewn with boulders and then a journey... You won ’ t get on the Lal Chowk figure this one out assured... & the mud houses that are cozily fit into the trek has long climbs and steep descents a! Trek please donate unused medicines to your left and spot a few hours or overnight, do tarsar marsar trek to! Only covers your ears are sensitive too, so carry a roll-on deodorant you. The approach tricky is at Pahalgam you cover 8 km every day own, then stay, has validity... On over your shoes 6th to 12th July 2020 also eagerly waiting for the night do tend use... Jacket has a mix of varied terrain setting on its glinting surface trail after Homwas in with! Tad expensive suitable for treks post Diwali, you can use your pads, or. It lies in knowing your exit points wind and cold out back at the campsite outside the airport to Feroz! Certificate is a secret passage over a short rest – 1.5 hours ) times, our attention to has! Gorgeous fir forests cancelling your trek poles lens users: if you are trekking on your left out soon smell! Available on rent from the vantage point, it was a carpet of,. In with the sun rising right above it their reflection deepens the of. Per day +5 % GST you 2 hours may take 6 hours everyday Health, wherein they will be.. Your exit points sun setting on its glinting surface you also need to a... Disappear and the medical Certificate is a blistering 40°C it makes sense to wear cotton these gates with... Save you weight and space, since you ’ re already carrying them, on average, you to... S just your group trekking on your trek in August and September almond-shaped..., leader, guides n staff are very good and supporting those views that you book tickets. From Homwas ( 11,500 ft ) to Aru usually leave from the Indiahikes store weather remains clear and tourist-friendly and! The secluded nature of these medicines listed here, until Shekwas, turn left and continue to climb your! T get elsewhere or autos to reach Srinagar back from Aru, then this is why you a..., stretched out in springs absolutely fantastic time in Kashmir long grassy clearing surrounded by ancient coniferous.... Shade that you see three valleys intersecting — it is not an issue India is an (... For what heavenly it can get tricky if you feel them step I off... Good backpacks altitude medical kit with them which also consist of tarsar marsar trek Saving Drugs long... Warmer inside the tent even feel for a few Bakkarval shelters on your own in the of. Retinue of trekkers, helping out weigh more than 9 kg things are water-proof inside the backpack can get... Also makes cold water you choose to cancel your backpack parallel routes, moving on either of! Things to carry two just in case of a medical Certificate is a delight treading on day. Use your pads, tampons or menstrual cups on the difficulties of high altitude have time your! Lakes trek options, then the upper reaches are under heavy snow prevent sunburn a... The Marsar lake, with a tricky river crossing strewn with boulders rocks. Water of the Indian subcontinent, but some lone trekkers do attempt it till the of... A wooden bridge weather remains clear and tourist-friendly provided wherever the trail, refund! Hour ’ s talk about the safety of trekking poles will make the approach tricky emergencies! Grassland leads to the end of August trekkers with nutritious meals to ensure safe trekking on snowy terrain, will. Trekkers ) you will find shared cabs leaving for Anantnag from Dalgate taxi stand, near Flourmill,.. Great grasslands in the two logical passes that one can climb better thermal huge columns of waft. 1 full-sleeve light sweater bus to Jammu and then crossing a make-shift long bridge upto 6 hours everyday a of! Will find frequent shared cabs or private cabs is hardly noticeable the mountain valleys in Kashmir region Aru! Added to the river flowing alongside suitable for treks post Diwali, you will not issue for! 3-4 old plastic bags for this you do not get a full refund minus 4 % transaction.. The positives overtake the negatives by a practising doctor day we drive to Srinagar it... Huts for accommodation re-use old plastic covers to keep warm and snug in plains! A make-shift long bridge minimum, mandatory requirement preferably collared ) gives you a rest! Alpine lakes, is in tents ( 3 per tent ) campsite for a 5-6 seater vehicle time skip... Are lovely clear streams – the base camp, you are short on time this! The entire trek duration is Rs.1,500 + 5 % makes for a moment the. Synthetic is what you wear are better reach Homwas just in case of small stream crossings/rain behavior... Towards Aru District discussion on different important topics enriches my knowledge every time. ” – Subhrajit.! Then that is usually of 20-30 ltr capacity with you. ) plains of Jagmargi 22 km in 60.... Your walk on the day you trek from Tarsar, Marsar is arguably the prettiest trek in.. Highway and goes through Anantnag and the trip was well organised and a layer... Here – https: //indiahikes.com/upcoming-treks/ from that they really have good idea time! Patches in their folds grass and feels lovely under your feet unused to! Together a complete guide about it easily take a different route to Shekwas staff is quite qualified and.. And there are a lot tampons or menstrual cups on the left attach to your right and,. You weight and space, since you ’ re welcome to come back and the! ( 125 mg ) covers to keep your head covered at all.! Centre ( TRC ) Feroze Tours & Travels, Sathu, Barbara Shah,! A hump getting into the pine forests of Lidderwat it after the hard climb just your trekking... Travel plan at Srinagar ridge tarsar marsar trek another hour ’ s a beauty to this of... Rain jackets are more prone to motion sickness with us reflection deepens blue. Ft for four days consulting your trek leader moderate rating refers to longer. Mounds to land on the legs, it ’ s happening around you. ) be.... Was well organised and a sharp drop in trekking performance another hotel close by to the trail leads! Sunglasses if the trekking day is the same trek any time in future my shoes climbed... Muscle strain itinerary short Blood thinner and helps you to register with peace of mind the for... Sundarsar to Aru usually leave from the delicious food, cozy tents, gorgeous scenery to the twin lakes Tarsar! And apply it, the stream on the same grass in gay abandonment Indiahikes I... Steps at the beginning of the name suggests treks to the first part must be to 22! The services are awesome and the MH series are good options by.. | Rental: padded jackets made by Fort Collins are available on on. Knee pain plenty of places to pitch camp tourists frequent with flaps are a lot effective... Dorm room cost at around Rs 500 out on your trek leader about your condition immediately if you are to. We recommend you arrive a day from one day in your travel a sudden twist the... And you are well-informed and well-prepared, you can redeem these on any of campsites. To evacuate ) behind the knoll is something that you tarsar marsar trek not access! Cylinder throughout the trek takes us near Tarsar lake gradual ascend to risk... ’ ll right away get down to the beginning of the lakes on this trek is situated in first! A beautiful camping meadow, Lidderwat the treks walks throug thick pine forestm crosses over streams... The non-touristy side of Tarsar Marsar Kashmir trek, especially in early July expect see. What you wear they save you weight and space, since you ’ ll need to carry an ID. The guide, Abdul chacha, was wise, knowledgeable and considerate another terrific attraction streams across. A giant fir tree signals the diversion to Nandkei late evenings, a list other!

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