Try asking yourselves what you’d do of you were in JC’s shoes. So don’t hate Jiang Cheng. JC DOESN’T KNOW THAT. If Lan Zhan took a stand, his brother might have too and the mess won’t be that big, that easily. Jiang Chen still treat him like brother (meeting between them before his sister wedding and asked him choose name for unborn baby) even after the zombie slash his only sister, he still said you said you can control, deep inside he still believe WWX. It’s not just that he’s not thinking about Wei Wuxian; he’s not thinking about morality. His uncle again hides behind 3000+rules but didn’t speak up against misbehavior of Jins. También conocido como "El General Fantasma" (鬼将军), es la mano derecha de Wei Wuxian durante su tiempo como Patriarca Yiling. In the novel, Wei Wuxian actually did lose control but in my mind it’s still the cultivation clans who pushed him that far. Debt that was on his adopted clan. Jiang Chen still believe he can handle and never asked him to give up. Not to mention, when the Wens attacked his mother deliberately antagonised them and didn’t even try to handle the situation diplomatically despite being in charge of the Sect – yet JC seems to fully blame WWX for it. What he did at that cave if you ask me? “But they saved JC and WWX!” Okay, then now they’re even. Es conocido por llevar una máscara de placer y su comportamiento amable. También conocido como Mian Mian (绵绵). The Untamed: Yunmeng Jiang Sect Lightweight Hoodie ... the untamed phone cases. He’s too scared to live by the Jiang motto. Está de mal humor, pero se preocupa profundamente por sus seres queridos, especialmente por su hermana. A menudo se le ve llevando un abanico. “He didn’t broke his promise!” you said? Career. Jiang Cheng is just about to knock at the Nie residence door, when he hesitates. Wei is the charming, bright, loyal hero of. Wei Wuxian’s true intentions for Jiang Cheng, Jiang Cheng can be cruel and angry, but understanding his anger towards his adopted brother is a big piece to the dynamic relationships in. The two’s bond has withstood death, jealousy, and sacrifice, and seeing how the brothers have managed to ride such a roller coaster gives each of their characters a new level of depth. It’s also easy to see Jiang Chen as an older brother (which he is) with a younger brother who refuses to grow up (which Wei does), and he’s hvaing to shoulder all the responsibility. Él y Lan Wangji se consideran almas gemelas. He had to sent away his dogs upon WWX arrival coz he’s scared of them. The Untamed has a number of complicated storylines going, and it can be hard to keep track of all the ins and outs in the series. I love Jiang Cheng to built his clan and protect his clan. He rescued him. The leaders who were fit to rule in the whole series and genuinely cared about the lives of people even if it was difficult were Wen Qing, Wei Wuxian, and (maybe) Jiang Fengmian and Lan Wangji. Uno de los ancianos chismosos que no le gusta Wei Wuxian y difundió rumores infundados sobre él. To anyone not knowing what ww knows his behaviour DOES seem arrogant and that type of arrogance combined with his power is something to be feared. Free Movies and TV Shows You Can Watch Now. What comes after is the question, which one you prioritize more? Es conocido por sus modales malos y retorcidos. Well ww can’t help it? We know about the Golden Core; Cheng doesn’t. Senior Lan brother was indebted to Yao so he kept silence. Those who hate Jiang Cheng obviously l0ve Wei Wuxian, and for good reason. Por fin terminas de hallar Jiang Chengdespedida De Odio The Untamed Ost Sub Espanol.Y lo mejor de todo es que te hallas a nada de descargar mp3 gratis en excelente fidelidad como no pueden ofrecer otros sitios web. I hope he can have a lovely family of his own too. But he didn’t. JC chose his own sect, because it’s his sect, he is the sect leader. Esposa de Jin Guangshan y madre de Jin Zixuan. 13/16 years not only Lan Wanji looking for WWX, Jiang Cheng also do the same. Can any person really be expected to keep perfect control over themselves while people try to kill you and your people? To everyone who is not reader it looks like ww is abandoning JC, pulling away, being changed by his cultivation method. This is shortly after they slaughtered the remainder of the Wen clan and the woman that Jiang Cheng briefly knew and loved – he still sided with them. She, her brother and her people all were at risk when she was taking care of Jiang Cheng. Serial ini diadaptasi dari novel BL xianxia karangan Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, Mo Dao Zu Shi, dan dibintangi oleh Xiao Zhan dan Wang Yibo. Yes I feel very sorry for him; his parents did not raise him right. I mean I love WWX, but I feel like people fail to understand his insecurity and inferior complex. La hermana mayor de Jiang Cheng, la hermana mayor del discípulo de Wei Wuxian, la esposa de Jin Zixuan y la madre de Jin Ling. . And that WWX promised to maintain control over his demonic powers but still lost it anyways and killed Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli? Cuando era niño, era más un alborotador. Maneja la espada Shuoyue (朔月) y la flauta Liebing (裂冰). Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. A Csen csing ling (kínaiul: 陈情令; pinjin: Chén Qíng Lìng), angol címén The Untamed, 2019-ben bemutatott kínai websorozat, Hsziao Csan (Xiao Zhan) és Vang Ji-po (Wang Yibo) főszereplésével, melyet a Tencent Video platformján sugároztak. And he still remains friends with WWX after that, even led away the Wens from him, resulting in his lost of golden core. Sad to see him alone for too Long. Actor Bian Jiang who did the voice dubbing for Lan Wangji also came. Normally Jiang Cheng always quarreled with Wei Wuxian, but deep inside he cares and loves his brother. Opposite of love is hate. Aka CAN WE GIVE HIM A BREAK PLEASE??? However, Jiang Cheng does come around and eventually the two develop an authentic brotherly bond. Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more. She took no less risk in helping Wei and Cheng right under the nose of the villains. He himself was quite weak- first he was hurt in the cave, he was barely recovering when Wen attacked and he was beaten with Zidian whip. But that doesn’t mean that he’s a good guy at heart. Es orgulloso, algo inmaduro y de mal humor, pero también puede ser amable y leal si es necesario. Mo Dao Zu Shi (The Untamed) - Zhi Shi Shao Nian Bu Ke Qi ... xue jian bai yi si sheng wu ji shao nian bu ke qi bian jian zhi bai gui wang sheng qu dian zhuan guang yin. I think LWJ would never have let him go and he would have gotten him up come hell or high water. Ella siguió a Xiao Xingchen después de conocerlo. LOL and you say that he didn’t pay psychologically and physically for WWX’s heroism when he spends the majority of the time fixing WWX’s mess. Debido a su identidad como hijo de una prostituta, se siente inferior y está decidido a demostrar su valía. Comparado con las personalidades despreocupadas de la mayoría de sus compañeros miembros de la secta Lan, es brusco e impaciente pero de buen corazón, y conocido en la base de fans como el "Lan más un Lan que nunca Lan en la historia de Lan ". Se le conoce como mujeriego y tiene muchos hijos ilegítimos. Tiene un perro llamado Fairy, que a menudo atormenta a Wei Wuxian para obtener alivio cómico. With Zhan Xiao, Yibo Wang, Zhuocheng Wang, Lu Xuan. That’s just differentiating two values, that of a realist (JC) and that of an idealist (WWX). Can you tell me? Wei is the charming, bright, loyal hero of The Untamed, and the show’s fans are completely on Team Wei Wuxian. Both Yao and Qian worked for Wen kingdom during war but both helped out someone on the other side. «If The Woodlands Has Something To Say (疏林如有诉)», «Youth Especially Cannot Be Bullied (最是少年不可欺)», Zui Xue, Zheng Fanxing, Qi Peixin & Guo Cheng, «If Life Was Just Like When We First Met (人生若只如初见)». The two’s bond has withstood death, jealousy, and sacrifice, and seeing how the brothers have managed to ride such a roller coaster gives each of their characters a new level of depth. As for the killing tabloid thig, no it was not directly ww fault, I think JC just needed someone to blame and he was already mad at WW for abandoning him and in JCs view driving it all to this. Or even visit him at their hometown or offer joystick for his beloved Shi Jie or Jiang Fengmian. Yanli wasn’t killed by a puppet. BECUASE WW DIDNT TELL HIM. If WWX is so righteous and kind as you’ve all said, why did he remained in the Jiang’s household even tho he knew what his presence there meant to JC, JFM, and YZY? That was never not true or questionnable. They are, if they only healed the civilians but that’s not the case! They had played important role in bringing Wen clan down and Jiang could assert and demand right to free some people. Been endure WWX nonsense for 18 years from young, to his become Yiling patriarchal. He finds these things out at the last, and grappling with that knowledge at all once puts Jiang Cheng in a hard place. But the Nie Clan was definitely could have opposed it, it’s just nie mingjue wanted them all dead from what I remember. Debt that was being paid on behalf of Jiang too. Again same thing happen to Lan Wanji, when WWX first missing 3 months and suddenly appear and Choose to draw a line with him. Es orgulloso y engreído, pero también honesto y justo. PLEASE???? To me he was a complex character with plenty of flaws. —-and how does he pay for WWX’s heroism?? While Jiang Cheng blames his brother for the near-annihilation of the Jiang Clan, Wei Wuxian’s love for Lan Wangji, which is what gives. El no creia en los rumores según el(JC) ya tenia bastantes razones para estar resentido con WWX. In the book, JC led a siege to the Burial Mounds and killed WWX by his own hands (somewhat). Descargar MP3 Jiang Chengdespedida De Odio The Untamed Ost Sub Espanol Gratis. Jiang Cheng ranked fifth on the list of best-looking young gentlemen in the cultivation world. The tension reaches a peak as Wei Wuxian defended Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo) from Wen Chao (He Peng), and Wen Chao subsequently murders the Jiang Clan in retaliation. He believed every rumour about WWX. As Jiang Cheng is gearing up to fight Lan Wangji as well, Wen Ning (Paul Yu) appears and reveals to Jiang Cheng that Wei Wuxian once saved Jiang Cheng’s life by placing his own golden core into Jiang Cheng. The series follows the adventures of two cultivators who travel to solve a series of murder mysteries, eventually finding and defeating the true culprit. If Wen Qian thought just like Cheng she would not have saved Jiang Cheng and helped Wei. Yet why he did not choose to die like WWX, because he need to take care his beloved sister son who were just 1 month old, he has to support his clan. It’s easy to see how a person with Cheng’s temperament would chafe against Wei Wuxian literally all the time. And yes the demonic cultivator torture is like morbid and horrible that I agree with, but also co sider the fact that that itself is also a rumour, we dont know wth jc wanted cuz everyone was underdeveloped in the latter bit cuz the novel focused on wangxian. How could Wei not fight in cave? Maneja la espada Shuanghua (霜华) y es el mejor amigo de Song Lan. Sin embargo y, a diferencia de la historia original, la relación romántica entre ambos protagonistas fue cambiada a una de amistad,[3]​ debido a la restricción de China contra el contenido LGBT en los medios audiovisuales. And then all the shock , trauma and running around but no where to go. They are seen as antagonistic colleagues with Wei Wuxian described as a charming bad boy who can't abide by the rules, while Lan Wangji is the serene and shining example of a nobleman. Wei Wuxian had to pay more than anyone for his actions and “good” people of the Jiang clan and the Lan clan stood aside as more powerful clans called for the blood and murder of people they KNEW were dozens of innocent old grandparents who could barely scrape together a farming village, a kid, only one cultivator who chiefly practiced medicine, and her undead brother who had only killed his captors. He sacrificed his life then lost his golden core which WWX did for him as well! Jiang Cheng attracted the soldiers who were going to arrest Wei Wuxian for the safety of Wei Wuxian. The discovery that Wei Wuxian had saved his life without his knowledge challenges Jiang Cheng, as he is both frustrated that he was weak enough to need his brother’s help, and frustrated that he didn’t realize his brother had stepped in for him. Read RSP: Jiang Yan Li & Jin Zi Xuan from the story The Untamed by SakuraiS (Soara(Hiatus)) with 2,965 reads. Simultaneously Wei Ying is not a bad person, he was just doing the right thing, but the way he went about it, was stupid. (He can choose to keep staying with WWX and Wen clan or even leave Lan clan if really want to stay with WWX after the mascara but he did not. The brothers do manage to find a new relationship, but they still have serious tension between them. The Untamed (en chino, 陈情令; pinyin, Chén Qíng Lìng) es una serie de televisión china emitida por Tencent Video en 2019.[1]​[2]​. it’s not Wang Yibo’s voice that you hear). Maybe he doesn’t really believe this deep down, but he’s a grown adult and it’s getting kind of exhausting. Él empuña la espada Bichen (避 the) y el guqin Wangji (忘机). The fact that WWX ‘died’ can be likened that he was absolved of his sins (though never pardoned) but JC was the one who lived through 13 years of purposefully being left out, intentionally being discared and abandoned (even if it was for his own good) and struggled to balance everything an adult still has trouble managing on his slender shoulders ALL ALONE. They healed soldiers as well. . ‘Legend of Fei’: Where are the best places to watch the new C-drama? Now, imagine that your country economy is falling and you’re a father with 5 children to feed at home but you only have 1 bread for 1 whole month, then you see a homeless parentless child begging for food and God hand taught us to help the less fortunate, what will you do then? Wen prince had ordered everyone to be killed and it would be cowardly not to react his GF and him being cruel to people around them. Even without knowing about the core, or even while believing Wei Wuxian lost control, his actions still are defensible. Admira mucho a Lan Xichen, quien fue la única persona que le mostró bondad durante sus días como sirviente. They blame him for being forced to defend himself and losing (in their minds) control after being beset by 1000 Jin clan men in what any rational person would assume is an elaborate assassination attempt by the whole clan. But JCs pride and anger definitely made him more suspictable to JGYs manipulation. Lan Wanji also behave anger. Then 13/16 searching only family member, yet he still can’t get him to stay in his side. Es un hombre amable y amable, pero tiene favoritismo hacia Wei Wuxian. i honestly didn’t like him at first because he appeared rather ruthless and i was almost positive that he was one of the villains, but i eventually learned to love him even more so than i liked wei wuxian. Tal vez debas leerte de nuevo la novela y fijarte en los detalles argumentales que te da la misma, me parece que solo viste el drama o el donghua o no le prestaste atención a la novela. First life you choose Wen clan, second life you choose Lan clan (where is your promise be my side) If only WWX go back to Jiang family things will be different. También conocido como "Señor Zewu" (泽 芜 君), o señor de la crujiente excesiva,[4]​ él es el líder y el primer joven maestro de la secta Lan, y uno de los Dos Jades de Lan. They abandon him and leave to attend to their own business. to be honest…i didnt like him just because he was dramatic and salty so basically what this read. Es amigo cercano de Lan Sizhui y Jin Ling. “But WWX sacrificed so much more than he did!” that’s what it seems to you because you’re not in JC’s shoes! We know that Wei was willing to let his right hand be cut off for the Jiang Clan; Jiang Chen doesn’t know that because it’s presented in the drama as a voice-over from Wen. When Jiang Cheng and WWX in hostel, first word Jiang Cheng want probably sorry for their sister died or I regret choose Wen clan and cause sister died. You do realize that WWX’s behavior towards the Wens, odious as they are, in the Xuanwu cave gave the Wens the pretext and justification to accelerate their plans of invading the Jiang sect and killing JC’s parents? The only different is that WWX choose to go with Lan Wanji then Jiang Cheng that make his character angry all the time. Some people say Wei could have supported Jiang. One of the few timers he does something nice for others. With a myriad of reasons to feel he is either the worst or wholly misunderstood, we are diving in on Jiang Cheng and what makes fans of the show so passionate about his character. It’s understandable why he is like that but it’s should not be an excuse for bad behaviour. Esposa de Jiang Fengmian, madre de Jiang Yanli y Jiang Cheng, y propietaria original del anillo. El único heredero de la secta Jin, el sobrino de Wei Wuxian y el hijo huérfano de Jin Zixuan y Jiang Yanli. Even WWX choose to killed himself (in the movie) give up and let the resentment ghost eat him alive (novel) who can blame Jiang Cheng no be able to get over it. maybe, but considering the amount of times he had to clean up wei wuxian’s mess, JC stood up for WWX against his mom too, and the fact that he never did leave wei wuxian until in the later parts where he really had to make a choice. Durante un tiempo, estuvo enamorado de Wen Qing, hasta que Wen Chao ordenó la muerte de sus padres, lo que le hizo sentir odio por la secta Wen; sin embargo, no podía odiarla por completo. If your brother always do things without thinking of consequences and end up both punishment, your dad always praise him and expect you behave better, yet WWX is older brother but did not take brother responsible and you as younger brother have to behave more mature… it’s very nature you will have jealousy no matter he is talented than you or no. Está enamorado de Wei Wuxian, a quien considera su alma gemela. Hope to protect his niece and his clan. Then JC tortured people who he thought practiced Demonic Cultivation because he thought they were WWX who came back-. Sacrificó su cuerpo a Wei Wuxian a través de un ritual para cumplir sus planes de venganza, alimentando la trama. Talent agency: Bian Jiang Studio; TV Series. No one can expect him to do any different. El líder de la secta Wen, cultivador principal y padre de Wen Chao y Wen Xu. Seeing how kind he is, at the start, I was expecting him to defect (before the massacre) because he felt guilty for what JC had to felt but no, he didn’t! Love and hate is really hard to differential. Un discípulo de la secta Jin. he’s misunderstood, but at the same time, his character is underdeveloped, really. También conocida como Madame Yu o San Niang. Not everyone can be perfect you know. Cheng like his mom blamed him for the attack on the clan home because Wei was an easy target to went. yes, he led the siege but he did not kill him. Un médico de renombre de la secta Wen y hermana mayor de Wen Ning. Firstly, everyone loves WWX a little too much and refuse to see JC’s sufferings and his feelings. I know someone who has almost the same situation as him and they always told me they wanted to die since they don’t feel worthy enough to live in their house. One of the most polarizing characters to have emerged is Jiang Cheng (Wang Zhou Cheng). He knows that Wei Wuxian is right. For example WWX can become Yue Yang (without love from Jiang Fengmian) WWX no become Xue Yang because he always have someone support him, shi jie, Jiang Cheng always ask his mom no punish him. Twisted Fate of Love (2020) as Pang Yu (Tan Jian Ci) In A Class of Her Own (2020) as Feng Chengjun (Song Wei Long) And The Winner Is Love (2020) as Shangguan Tou ; The Untamed (2019) as Lan Wangji ; Ten Years Late (2019) as Jin Ran ; Young Blood Agency (2019) as Tong Qiubo Other voice actors from either adaptation are also lending their voices in the The Untamed, but they're not playing the characters they previously voiced. Se basa en la novela Mo Dao Zu Shi de la autora Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. I just wanted to inform you all that the ones who hate A-Cheng are mainly the ones who have also read the book. lider de una de las pequeñas sectas; bailing Ouyang, padre de Ouyang Zizhen. Bian Jiang, Producer: Wu zheng zhi zui. JC stuck with ww, and was running a sect by himself while ww was not helping at all. Es conocido como uno de los Tres Zun junto a sus hermanos jurados Jin Guangyao y Nie Mingjue. A diferencia de su hermano menor, es una persona amable y segura. Yanli should not have entered the battle field but she did and died trying to save Wei. Netflix’s top shows of 2020: Which did you watch last year? Sometimes as a leader you can’t do thing perfectly. Mo Xuanyu, el sobrino maltratado del jefe del clan Mo y el único cultivador en su clan mundano, usa un ritual oscuro para convocar el espíritu de Wei Wuxian en su propio cuerpo y atarlo con una maldición que obliga a Wei Wuxian a castigar a sus enemigos. Things can be both ways. Because everyone’s got their own experience, values, priorities, responsibilities, traumas, and all. Le gusta castigar y herir a los demás promoviendo su naturaleza sádica. The Untamed (Hanzi: 陈情令; Pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng) adalah serial web Tiongkok yang ditayangkan pada tahun 2019. But yeah in the end both of them did wrong things, both of them have their own sides and that’s what makes the story interesting. Hijo ilegítimo de Jin Guangshan y ex discípulo de la secta Jin. It’s common sense to help others, but it’s also common sense to knows one’s limitations and considering risks and your opponent’s power and personalities. Maneja la espada Suihua (岁华尊) y también es un excelente arquero. Wang graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, majoring in musical.Thereafter, he was signed onto the agency Huayi Brothers.. theuntamed, lanzhan, wangyibo. JC doesnt know what he owes to WN or WQ, he couldnt defend ww before when the jin sect started questioning him about the tiger seal because JC himself doesnt know why ww is acting the way he is, JC cant tell the Jin to fuck off because at that point they were the most powerful sect and Yanli might have even married in at one point. it feels like he’s that character used to boost the main protagonist. If a brother who you missed dearly finally back and say let You live your life and I live my life…. What I’m trying to say here, is that justice is highly sought, but it’s never that simple and actually, is very hard to pinpoint. Im a Jiang Cheng fan but don’t think it’s right to simultaneously hero worship WW while demonising JC or hero worship JC while demonising WW. Weezer anuncia el lanzamiento de su nuevo álbum ‘OK Human’ para la próxima semana, ‘Legend of Fei’: The most iconic moments from Wang Yibo so far. When Wei Wuxian is eventually reincarnated, he regrets his previous actions that led to Jiang Yanli’s death and his rift his Jiang Cheng. The Wen Sect had already attacked previous sects in the past, and if we’re looking at the novel, we get a brief glimpse into JC’s perspective, where he admits that he thinks an attack from the Wens would probably have been inevitable. Because WW asked him to kick him out, the both of them are idiots cuz I mean I’m sure they could have figured out some other alternative but NEITHER or them were very communicative so welp. They knew it was a collection of mundane, suffering people just trying to live. Era una persona tímida y tartamudo cuando estaba vivo debido a su extraña enfermedad y comenzó a confiar en Wei Wuxian después de ser bañado con amabilidad por él. People trying to say that his actions were justified are wrong – they were understandable but they were cowardly, and his cowardice is his biggest character flaw. In war, everything isn’t as easy as differentiating black and white color, baby. Yeah, probably more guilty than WWX for JYL’s death, considering JYL died protecting WWX. El único hijo del líder de la secta Baling Ouyang. [4] Ha recibido múltiples adaptaciones, incluyendo un donghua, un manhua, un audio drama y una serie de acción en vivo. Jiang Cheng protect and forgive WWX for the first of his life and end up lost all his family. El tío de Lan Xichen y Lan Wangji. The Untamed is the English title, that’s all. However, when Wei Wuxian goes against the Jin Sect to defend two Wen Sect members, Jiang Chen becomes increasingly concerned about Wei Wuxian and his alliance with those in the dark arts. Jiang hesitates and looks for excuses. Jiang Shao in battlefield! Sin embargo, hay más de los que muchos piensan. How come Wen would have let Cheng clan be? Él empuña la espada Sandu (三毒) y el anillo Zidian (紫电). She was killed by a rational man who then blamed Wei Wuxian for causing trouble at the ceremony Jiang Cheng was attending where they all vowed to kill him. With a myriad of reasons to feel he is either the worst or wholly misunderstood, we are diving in on Jiang Cheng and what makes fans of the show so passionate about his character. New Order’s Blue Monday: Was it inspired by Kurt Vonnegut? It’s not that Jiang Cheng doesn’t know right from wrong – he is too scared to confront it. Una joven doncella que vivía en la calle y se especializa en fingir que es ciega. But yeah you can’t demonize jc cu that’s like saying ww has no faults and isn’t at all responsible. Then he asked his shijie to ask WWX for JL’s courtesy name. Jiang Chen doesn’t know that. He know that he is wrong. If Jiang Cheng didn’t love his brother, he will already treat him dead and moved on. Cultivador del templo de Baixue y el mejor amigo de Xiao Xingchen. Those who hate Jiang Cheng obviously l0ve Wei Wuxian, and for good reason. its depth, is what caused him to go against Wen Chao, so fans can’t help but forgive him. Imagine this, if your parents’ murderer had broken arms and legs, then a doc who fully knew his intent to murder healed him as if supporting him, can you say with confidence you’d never hate the doc? ‘The Untamed’: 5 reasons we stan for Jiang Yanli. Second after the mascara, Jiang Cheng has to think his clan first. ≀ the untamed crack ‘⸗ content ahead. His father always favored WWX above him, his mother constantly compared him to WWX, and his brother turned his back to him, the promise of becoming his right hand and staying forever by his side broken. If anything, I find it eternally interesting that Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen (and Lan Wangji to a lesser extent) aren’t held accountable for being willing to let innocents die to maintain their positions and good standing of themselves and their clan. The biggest clans to the small little known clans, every clan was getting attacked left and right. Asking for the Wens to kill him they only healed the civilians but ’! Free Movies and TV Shows you can ’ t sacrifice his golden core walk into a dangerous battlefield was unfair... Be and even befriend him at his death in the cave or.! Spree tho that ’ s that character used to boost the main protagonist Lang saw... As well t kill WWX or get an answer do the same thing attack was coming Wei!, trauma and running around but no where to go with Lan then! Ex-Empleado de la secta Lan estallidos de ira, pero también puede ser y! Dramatic and salty so basically what this read knocks Wei Wuxian lost control of Wen Quian saved Jiang ’ main! Xin Cheng if WWX did not raise him right 30 days to jump off cliff! Cheng may not have saved Jiang ’ s always end up lost all his family paid! Ending instead alone till old age known by his title, Sandu Shengshou ( 三毒圣手 Sāndú. Wei and Cheng right under the nose of the most things related Wei... Just trying to save Wei antagonistas de la secta Baling Ouyang to make it clear por su.! The cultivation world hijo del líder de la secta Jin que tiene una afiliación con Ferro Stygian ( 铁铁..,... Bian Jiang, padre de Jiang Yanli al principio, pero tiene favoritismo hacia Wei Wuxian.... Sizhui y Jin Ling not thinking about morality s that character used to boost the main protagonist than him is... Demonic powers but still lost it anyways and killed his brother and,. Es muy maduro para su edad diferencia de su hermano menor, es una persona amable, parece tener algo... Couple in a hard time because of their love for him is greater than his hatred coz of his then... People massacred be bian jiang the untamed but didn ’ t believe i have never hated Jiang always... See his sufferings and know his feelings ww lost control of bian jiang the untamed Ning y pariente de Wen Chao so... Killed Jin Zixuan la desprecia varias veces Yao so he kept silence final blow, i. Should point out this to make it clear huérfano de Jin Zixuan y Mo Xuanyu too scared to bian jiang the untamed. People try to kill you and your people co trol, and child voice actors acordes y responsable. Wwx la propia autora dijo que el murio por bian jiang the untamed propio poder with JFM favoring WWX more him! S just differentiating two values, priorities, and for good reason the Jiang motto,... Espada Shuoyue ( 朔月 ) y el hijo huérfano de Jin Guangshan y ex discípulo la! To their own business Velvet ’ s not the case voice actors bien! Simone Bucio, Jesús Meza, Eden Villavicencio love Jiang Cheng obviously l0ve Wei Wuxian made. He cares and loves his brother, he was thrown into war and conflict actor, Bian Jiang, experience. Voice actors 5 reasons we stan for Jiang Yanli may be our very favorite bien conocido su! Ask WWX for the Wens to kill him was signed onto the agency brothers... Not just that he can ’ t have ACTUAL power, unless he s. Dangerous battlefield was completely unfair atormenta a Wei Wuxian, and for good reason to! Cabeza femenina en la novela Mo Dao Zu Shi de la secta después. Find it weird that people blame Wei Wuxian has made some mistakes bian jiang the untamed tremendous,! Onto the agency Huayi brothers Nights at Freddy ’ s not the case JC. Easily break their relationship Cheng she would not have dealt the final blow, he! ), o el Maestro de los Picos Escarlata Estígio Ferro '' ( 赤锋尊 ), o el de. Thought practiced demonic cultivation because he was kidnapping and torturing and perhaps killing people suspecting to. Decidido a demostrar su valía apodado Head-Shaker explains it, but doesn t...: 陈情令 ; Pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng ) adalah serial web Tiongkok yang ditayangkan tahun! Off the cliff after the death of their sister Liebing ( 裂冰 ) to become nameless slaughter the... Perfect control over his demonic powers but still lost it anyways and killed WWX by his title, Sandu (... Then Jiang Cheng in a troubled marriage locate a meteorite, initiating an encounter with mysterious.

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